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The Secret Sauce To Greatly Expand Your Content's Reach

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As a content marketer, it is an obvious goal for you to get your content out to as many people as possible.

But how do you win this numbers game if your brand or product is relatively unknown?

The answer? Influencers.

With a considerable amount of following, what these "tribe leaders" can do for you is to recommend something on their sites or social media channels to their followers. With their authority, the credibility of your message will be amplified naturally.

Take this scenario for example:

An influencer is dining at a small restaurant. He is mind-blown by the food. He raves about it on his Instagram account by posting pictures of his dishes. As a result of this simple shout-out, the restaurant sees a spike in the numbers of customers they have on the next day.

Are you able to see where this is going?

Can you see yourself leveraging someone else's influence to promote your content?

Influencer marketing is that powerful. Now, if one influencer is enough to significantly raise your brand and/or product's awareness, imagine if you are successful in reaching out to 2... 3... 4... and so on? Yep, that's right. Your network will explode! With that being said, how do you get influencers to come and help you out?

Find influencers in your niche.

Go on social media and look for people in your industry with a sizeable-following. For Instagram, I will recommend at least 10k and above 500 likes on their posts. Also, check the comments to see if the engagements are bot or organic (It is pretty obvious to tell).

Just like how it is important to find the right traffic, you don't just want anyone to promote your business. You have to look for influencers who work in the same industry as you.

Imagine having an influencer in the beauty and wellness niche promoting dog-food — isn't that weird? You will be wasting your time, the influencer probably wouldn't give your proposal a slightest thought and even if you manage to pay for a shout-out, you are not going to get good conversion rates.

Find influencers with an audience hungry for your type of product and you will succeed.

Once you've identified your influencers, it is time to approach them.

Ask, buy or build trust? You decide.

You ask them to promote your product in exchange of something. The only downside is rejection.

If you are looking for good ways to pitch your brand/product, then read this article on how to craft high-yield cold emails.

Truth is, many influencers prefer to get paid because technically, shouting out is a form advertisement. But then again, there is no harm in asking even though it is not guaranteed.

If you are looking for the easy way out and have spare cash you don't mind spending, then just pay for one. Go on google and search for influencer management platforms or social media marketing agencies. Those will easily help you do the job in increasing your content's exposure.

Lastly, if you are patient enough, then you can try to build a relationship with them. Get into their radar by commenting on their content. Do that long enough and you will be noticed. Although this may take some time, it will be rewarding once you've gained their trust.

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