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3 Important Elements Of A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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When I first wanted to blog for profits, I thought that my site will eventually be ranked high on search engines by having a bulk load of content (doesn't matter whether they are low- or high-quality).

After some research, I realised that I was wrong.

Neville Medhora of Kopywritingkourse ever did a test by setting up a content mill (basically, a system designed to pump out a crazy amount of articles) and this is the result.

In short, don't create shit articles.

If you are looking to up your content marketing game for the furtherance your empire, then read this:

Your content marketing strategy needs to be well thought out.

You do not go into a tournament without a plan.

You can never rush into it and expect to succeed.

There is no easy way out.

In this article, I am going to show you 3 important elements you should consider for a successful content marketing strategy.

1. Setting the right kind of goals

When it comes to goals, there are both smart and lousy ones. Lousy goals are those that do not meet the S.M.A.R.T criteria.

What do I mean by that? Well, for your goal to fit the S.M.A.R.T criteria, it should meet the following:

  • It should be specific/significant
  • It should be measurable and meaningful
  • It should be achievable
  • It should be realistic and rewarding
  • It should be time-based and tangible

Having a SMART goal in place will help give your strategy that needed edge to succeed — because you are eliminating all the fluff and putting your best efforts into things that matter. You'd probably need to do some trial and error first to decide what works best for your business but that is still better than if you choose to just "wing it".

2. Building an audience persona

Not knowing who to create content for is one of the root causes of failing content marketing strategies.

If you have read Neville's experiment on creating content mills, you will come to understand that quality will always trump quantity, anytime. And one of the best ways to guarantee quality is to know who your audience is (if I don't know my audience, you wouldn't be reading this, right? *wink*) With this information at your fingertips, you will then be able to create the kind of content which is most appealing to them.

Also, it will be easier to present yourself as an authority because you identify so well with your audience's needs and their pain points. Failure to create an audience persona can lead you to wasting all your hard work and time.

3. Creating viral content

When it comes to content creation, the most important question that you need to ask yourself if you want your strategy to work is this:

Will my content become viral?

If you create content which strikes a chord in your audience, it will be a hell lot easier to persuade them to follow your call to action.

Your audience will see you as an authority, hence, it will take less effort to convince them to join your mailing list. They will be more likely to listen to your recommendations and you can easily monetize your content by inserting your own products or other brands you are affiliated with.

Consider these 3 important elements I've mentioned above and witness your content marketing strategies hit the right audience with the right message and potentially go viral.

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