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Dear {!firstname_fix},

Do you know that your mind is scientifically wired for negativity?

Our natural minds are designed not to help us grow and “think out of the box” but rather to keep us safe and secure.

And that explains why you may feel “ordinary” or stuck at where you are now.

You see, this instinct of the mind is probably valid during the Stone Age where all that mattered then was safety and security. We are, however, living in the 21st-Century where it is only natural for us to have the conscious desire to rewire our minds towards continuous growth. Wouldn’t you want to know what you truly want out of life; how and where to start so that you can live your best life ever?

{!firstname_fix}, I was in the same position not too long ago.

When I realised that my comfort zone wasn’t really helping me, I made it a point to push myself out – and this is where I had the most breakthroughs.

Through this arduous journey to self-actualisation, I’ve acquired valuable lessons which I believe will greatly help people like you to achieve your dreams and desires.

And for the month of July, I am opening up my schedule to REVEAL ALL of these lessons in a FEW TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING sessions with you.

I will also be offering you a FREE one-hour strategy session (Worth 500SR) where I will work with you to uncover the real blocks preventing you from reaching your full potential.

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