Kelvin Teo - Writer of Short Horror, Thrillers And The Strange


Hi, my name is Kelvin Teo. I am a writer of short horror stories, thrillers and strange stuff.

Since young, I have always been fascinated with the unknown and when it comes to fiction, no other genre has intrigued me more than horror. I believe that all of us are innately curious about what lies on the other side, however hard we try to deny — maybe out of fear.

For me, I choose to embrace it by penning down my dark imaginations. This website is, therefore, a channel for me to display my written work and ideas that are quite unusual. If you like these sort of things, then I invite you to journey with me into the gray unknown — let’s see what we can discover.

By day, I am an internet marketer and when I am not writing, I tend to find myself indulging in video games, having a couple of beers with a few good friends and just lazing around the house in general.